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Here is a guide to what you can do with Kinder+/Grad+ and the procedures you need to follow before using it. Please refer to this page for the "New User Authentication Procedure" that is required the first time you use Kinder/Grad+.

また、ブルーカードをかざしてもらい登降園時間の管理をいたします。ブルーカードについてご案内いたします。Grad Club生も同じくカードを使い、登園管理をしていただきます。

The Check In/Out time by tapping a blue smartcard on the in-school card reader. Grad Club students will also use the blue smartcards to manage their Check-In/Out.

登降園時間 Check In/Out Time




Our Check In/Out system will change as follows:
We will introduce a new system to manage the Check In/Out time by simply tapping a blue card, instead of writing the arrival/leaving time on the paper Check In/Out sheet.
We will be able to accurately manage your child's attendance, so please be sure to tap your child's blue card.
If your child has siblings in school, please tap the blue card for each child.

There are times when it is difficult for parents to hold the Blue Card over the card reader due to drive-thru operations or changes in the pick up location due to COVID-19 infection prevention measures.

In some cases, it may be difficult for parents to hold the card over the card reader, so please tie the blue card to your child's school bag.

  • ブルーカードblue card


    One card will be issued per child. In case of loss or reissue, a fee of 600 yen will be charged.

  • 登園時:降園時Check In/Out

    登園時 / In
    Tap the “IN” button. (Selected buttons get bigger)

    降園時 / OUT
    Tap the “OUT” button. (Selected buttons get bigger)

  • カードをかざすTap the Card


    Tap the Blue Card on the card reader.

  • 処理が成功Successfully Completed

    登園処理に成功すると[○○ Checked In.]というメッセージが表示されます。
    The confirmation message “[Full Name] Checked In.” will appear once the check-in operation is successfully completed.

    降園処理に成功すると、[○○ Checked Out.]というメッセージが表示されます。
    The confirmation message “[Full Name] Checked Out.” will appear once the check-out operation is successfully completed.

  • 処理済みAlready Checked In/Out

    登降園処理がすでに行われている場合は[Already Checked In.]というメッセージが表示されます。
    The message “Already Checked In.” will appear if the check in operation has already been processed.

    ※音が鳴ります。You will hear a beeping sound.


Kinder+の掲載内容についてRegistered email address and the contents of Kinder +
If you do not know your registered email address, Please contact the school you belong to or the school you plan to enter.
Kinder+技術的な質問についてAbout Kinder+ Technical Questions統括本部 広報課 ※通常2営業日以内にはお返事を差し上げます。
Grad Clubの掲載内容についてAbout the Contents of Grad Club 統括本部 グラッドクラブ課06-6135-0140平日 9:00 ~ 17:30
土曜 / 日祝 お休み
Saturday / Sundays and public holidays closed
その他、ご意見についてOther キンダーキッズ統括本部06-6135-0150平日 9:00 ~ 18:00
土曜 / 日祝 お休み
Saturday / Sundays and public holidays closed

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